Kiev Underground snapshots
If you do not want to use taxi in Kiev, you can check out one of the most exciting practices in your life and use Kiev public transport. 

Underground is the most comfortable and safe kind of transport in Kiev, however, it's quite overcrowded, especially in peak hours. Now you can read the names of Underground stations in English, so, it will be easier for you to locate yourself and the station you need. 

Some stations of Kiev Metro were built in the dawn of Soviet era and are decorated in the same style, which is quite unusual and beautiful. Teatralna station was formerly named after the first soviet leader Lenin. Now, is was renamed, but still has a bas-relief of Lenin in bronze and also fragments of his written works also cast in bronze.

The Metro system in Kiev is quite developed, however, is not so difficult, as in Moscow, for example. You can move between central districts of Kiev with the help of the Underground, however, some suburb districts are not covered by it and you should use on-land transport, like bus or trolleybus.

The central stations of Kiev Underground are Krestchatik and Maidan Nezalezhnosti. If you want to see the river Dnieper, you should get off at Poshtova ploscha, which is located in Podil district.  Very nice views of left side of Kiev you can see at Arsenalna station (after 10-15 minutes of walking).


If you would like to start a company in Ukraine, one of the matters that you need to think of, is whom you will appoint as the company's director. 

You should be aware that using foreign citizens' labour in Ukraine is possible only with the special permit. Employment permit is needed also in case if you appoint yourself as the director of your company. Yes, there is such a rule in Ukraine. 

When you start a company, you need to have a director before it's registered. But you can not get a work permit before the company is registered, therefore, you need to have only a Ukrainian national to be appointed as a director before the company registration in Ukraine and some time after, during the time period of getting the work permit in Ukraine for yourself. 
One - один (adeen) 
Two - два (dva) 
Three - три (tree) 
Thank you - Спасибо (spasiba) 
Good - Хорошо (harashow) 
Tasty - вкусно (vkoosna) 
Please - Пожалуйста (pazhalista) 
Hi - Привет (preevyet) 
What is your name? - Как вас зовут? (kak va zhavoot ) 
My name is .... меня зовут ...  ! (menya zhavoot ...) 
I love you - Я тебя люблю  ( ya taybya loobloo ) 
I love you too - Я люблю тебя тоже - ( ya loobloo tebya tozhe) 
Restaurant - Ресторан ( restaran) 
Petrol - бензин ( benzeen ) 
Cafe - кaфе ( cafe ) 
Tea - чай ( chai ) 
Milk - молоко ( malako ) 
Cheque please - чек пожалуйста! ( cheque pazhalista ) 
Good-buye - до свидания ( dasvedanya ) 
Ticket - билет ( billyet) 
I understand - Я понимаю ( ya ponimaiyoo ) 
I do not understand - Я не понимаю ( ya ney ponimaiyoo ) 
Russian - русский ( rooski ) 
How much is it - сколько это стоит? ( skol - ka eta stoit ) 
No - нет ( nyet ) 
Yes - Да ( da ) 
Buy - пока ( paka) 
If you plan to shop in Kiev, you need to know, that there is no special shopping street or district as you may see in some other cities. However, there are special fashion shopping areas, which you should visit.

Kiev is a little bit more expensive than any city in Europe or US, but you will still find there a lot of well known brands as everywhere in the civilized world.

First of all you will need to see the Passage area – this is a small street leading you from Kreschatik street to

Zankovetskaya str. There you can visit YSL, Bottega Veneta, Gucci, Burberry Salvatore Ferragamo, Roberto Cavalli, Bally, Louis Vuitton, Dsquared, Helen Marlen Accessori, Shy .  

Some other fashion brands are located at “Passage-15” multibrand shop, proposing you women fashion by Ashish, 6267, DvF, Marc Jacobs, Nina Ricci, Christian Louboutin, Pierre Hardy, Nicholas Kirkwood.

A fashion store, named «Sчастье» is located opposite to Franko Theatre and proposes gorgeous evening dresses.

If you proceed from Passage to Zankovetskaya street to the left, you will pass through the fine jewellery and watch brand shops of Stephen Webster, Van Cleef & Arpel, Chopard and Cartier accompanied by a multi-brand perfumery Brocard.

Under the Maidan Nezalezhnosti square (Independence square) there is a big two-wing shopping mall, which attracts a lot of customers with a variety of brands and shops.

When you go through Kreschatik towards Velyka Vasilkivska street, you will see a great shopping and restaurant centre called Arena.

In the same building there is a Mandarin Plaza shopping centre, proposing you to meet all the best from Canali, GianFranco Ferre, Baumler Rene Lezard, Brocard, Chopin, Dunhill, Envy, Fashion House Tendenza, Feraud, Frette, Harley-Davidson, Helen Marlen, Jay StrogWater, Liu Jo, Magnifique, MarcCain, Max Mara, MoDaMo, Palmers, Paul & Shark, St. John, Versace, Wolford.

If you are not tired and wish to proceed exploring Kiev as a shopping city, you can go down by Velyka Vasilkivska street, where there are lots of shops, selling nice and elegant shoes, jewellery, watches and wear.  

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Article 40. Termination of Labour Contract on the Initiative of Employer
Labour contract entered into for indefinite period of time, as well as term labour contract prior to completion of its validity period may be terminated by the owner or authorized by him/her body only in the following 
1) changes in production and labour organization, including liquidation, reorganization, bankruptcy or conversion of enterprise, institution, organization, reduction of number or staff of employees;  

2) revealed inconsistency of the employee with job or with work performed as the result of insufficient qualification or state of health which prevent continuing this work, as well as in case of cancellation of access to state secret, if fulfilment of obligations imposed on him/her requires an access to state secret; 

3) systematic failure to fulfil by the employee without good reasons obligations imposed on him/her under labour contract or internal regulations, if disciplinary or civil sanctions have been previously applied thereto;  

4) absence from work (including absence from work for over three hours during the working day) without good reasons;  

5) absence from work within more than four successive months as the result of temporary disablement, except for maternity leave, unless longer period of workplace (office) preservation at particular disease established 
by legislation. Employees who lost capability in connection with labour injury or occupational disease shall retain their workplace (office) until rehabilitation or establishment of disablement;  

6) reinstatement in a job of the employee who had been previously performing this work;  

7) showing up for work intoxicated with alcohol, narcotics or other toxic substances;  

8) on-the-job embezzlement (including petty one) of owner’s property established by court judgment that became effective, or by resolution of the body which competence includes imposing administrative sanction or taking 
measures of social influence.  

Dismissal on the grounds mentioned in clauses 1, 2 and 6 of this Article shall be allowed, if the employee may not be transferred to another job by his/her consent.  

Dismissal of the employee on the initiative of the owner or authorized by him/her body shall not be allowed within the period of his/her temporary disablement (except for dismissal according to clause 5 of this Article), as 
well as within the period of his/her staying on leave. This rule shall not apply to cases of full liquidation of enterprise, institution or organization.

You can download English text of the Labor Code of Ukraine (version of 2010) here /uploads/9/9/8/5/9985465/labour_code_of_ukraine_2010.pdf
If you need legal consulation on Labour code of Ukraine and its labour legislation or practice, please, apply to One Stop Ukraine through our contact form or via e-mail